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We are committed to improving lives of people through our work and we begin each of our supported living developments with the vision of creating a fully inclusive society where people with often complex care needs, due to physical, sensory and learning disabilities, have the opportunity to live within the community in attractive, safe and secure accommodation and have the same life choices as everyone else.

We work with industry experts and key stakeholders whilst employing our family values in a bespoke approach to create homes that people can enjoy for a lifetime, and that meet their individual ongoing accommodation needs. We want to see an end to a system of care society where people are left without to option of suitable accommodation, or forced to reside in residential homes when there is no reason they can’t enjoy life in a modern, highly functional apartment.

Our supported living developments not only provide high quality bespoke accommodation suitable to resident's needs, they demonstrate significant savings compared to care and support provided in traditional grant funded sheltered housing.