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Top 3 tips for involving the local community in developments

At J.& W. Lowry we like to set ourselves apart by offering a development vision that is creative, carefully executed and broad in scope.

We want to work with individuals and communities to ensure that we provide the highest quality possible with developments that will truly transform lives.

For us, the support and engagement of the local community are essential to any development we are involved in and we relish the opportunity to engage in open communication and discussion.

Here are our top 3 tips for involving the local community in developments:

1. Listen to local knowledge and feedback

J.& W. Lowry understands the wealth of information and knowledge that a local community has to offer when it comes to building a development in their area.

There are numerous ways in which you can gain knowledge from a local community. Written or verbal surveys and questionnaires are an excellent way to gather information from local residents and can provide invaluable points which may otherwise be overlooked.

Holding public meetings that are open to all is also a strategy that can help to give members of the local community an opportunity to ask questions, raise issues and become more involved in the development process.

2. Invite collaboration

We strongly believe in the benefits of positive collaboration and work with an experienced and talented team of experts on all of our developments.

We want those in the local community to feel able to openly communicate and work with J.& W. Lowry at every level of the development process. Encouraging a sense of ownership and inviting collaboration from the local community is possible not only in the initial phases but also into the future of the development.

Communities often have a huge amount to offer independent supported living developments and elderly care homes so collaborations should be welcomed at every stage.

3. Keep people informed

Often problems arise when local communities feel uninformed about developments and left out of any decision making processes.

It’s quick and easy to keep local communities up to date with the latest information about developments, and doing so can make a huge difference to overall levels of satisfaction and support.

Whether you decide to set up a website that contains all relevant information, or issue a regular newsletter for local residents to subscribe to, keeping people informed is key. Remember older members of the community too - they may prefer to gain information from print such as parish magazines or newsletters.

Try to always ensure that the information is as jargon free as possible so that it’s accessible to everyone in the community and conveys your message effectively.

Contact us

If you live in a community where we have a development or you’d like to get in touch with us about anything else, we want to hear from you.

Visit our website J.& W. Lowry, call us +44 7361 590822 or email us info@jwlowry.co.uk

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